About Us

Discover YouTube Channels in Nigeria like never before. Find and explore the best, most interesting and most intriguing Nigerian YouTube channels all in one place. 

OurTube Nigeria is a platform where you will find all the Official YouTube Channels of organizations, businesses and individuals in Nigeria categorized according to their various industries and expertise. 

The purpose of this platform is to make it easy for anyone to easily find, view and engage with their favourite content of interest from the official YouTube Channels of the original owners / content creators. The platform also aims at helping organizations, businesses and individuals alike get more exposure and wider reach of their YT Channel content nationwide and globally. 

If you want to list your YouTube channel on this platform or know any YouTube channel that needs to be listed here, you can send us the channel details and we will list it if it meets the following criteria:

* Must have at least 100k subscribers. 

* Updated at least once a week. 

* Must be an official channel of an individual, business or organization.